Most tourists can rest easy to enjoy their stay in Recife, but, as in all major cities, you must stay alert. Here are some safety tips for your trip:

  • Upon arriving at the airport, look for the airport`s cabs. When you have to open your wallet in public, avoid exposing large amount of money;
  • Do not put your wallet or your cell phone in the back pocket of your pants, especially in very crowded places;
  • Do not carry large amounts of money in shoulder bags or wallets. Take only small sums of the country coin to the daily expenses;
  • If you have to leave with a lot of money, store it in bags used inside the clothes, closed with zipper or Velcro and fastened with elastic around the waist. Avoid leaving with important documents, and if you have two credit cards, just leave with one. So if it is stolen, you will have another card to make future expenses;
  • Leave your passport where you are hosted and walk only with a certified copy of it;
  • Use the safe deposit box where you are staying, if any, to store your money, original passport, credit cards and other important items;
  • Most theft occurs in places where there is a high concentration of people, such as markets, subway stations, bus stations, and crowded buses. Luggage theft can also happen in airport lobbies. Keep an eye;
  • Avoid walking around uninhabited places or neighborhoods identified as dangerous by the local population;
  • Be wary of people approaching you to offer a clandestine taxi at an airport or any other location;
  • If you go to the beach, do not leave your objects in the sand as you enter the water;
  • If renting a car, do not let the luggage visible inside. If this is unavoidable, try to park the vehicle in a safe place where there is policing.


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