Malakoff Café

The Café works with the brands Yaguara, Martins and Unique, and also with coffee from small producers of Serra do Caparaó. All are received, roasted and ground for preparation in up to sixteen methods. In the aeropress, the drink costs R $ 8.90. Among the delicious home made cakes, the yuca bread, stuffed with cottage cheese and chicken is a “Must eat”. Among the sweets, it is new The Italian coffee palla. 1142, Abdias de Carvalho Av., Prado. Phone 3128-0113. Open 9 am to 5 pm. Sat and Sunday 2pm to 6 pm. Monday closed. Arsenal Square , Recife Antigo, Paço do Frevo.


Arsenal Square , Recife Antigo, Paço do Frevo

+55 81 3128-0113

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